Friday, August 29, 2014

Blog Post 2

Mr. Dancealot

The central message of this video is to show how not to teach a class. It shows the teacher reading from a power point slide and giving examples that the students simply can not follow, because they are not allowed to participate throughout the lesson. Its is obvious to me that this is a terrible way to teach any class much less a dance class which should require hands on training.
Teaching in the 21st Century, by Kevin Roberts

Outline: Changing in teachers roles, Why teachers roles have changed, What teachers need to do to help their students.

Robert believes teachers are no longer the main source of knowledge because of the world we now live in. Everyone has the power of Google, Twitter, Wikipedia, ect and because of this teacher's roles are changing from an educator to a filter. Roberts feels that teachers should teach students how to use the resources avaliable to them by showing them how to validate, synthesize, leverage, and communicate information. I believe Roberts feelings of teachers in the 21st century has validity. The world is more technology advanced than ever before, and because of this teachers will have to evolve and bring in this technology into their classrooms.

The Networked Student written by Wendy Drexler

Outline: Author discusses the idea of connectivism, and shows how teachers of the 21st century can help their students.

This film was made to show how students, and teachers in the 21st century can learn in different ways using technology.

The idea of connectivism is a fascinating one. This theory has the potential to open a wide door of learning in todays technology rich world. Connectivism will change what teachers teach to their students. Instead of teaching facts teachers will be expected to teach students how to build their own network and take advantage of learning opportunities, and offer guidance when students get stuck. Students will have more control in what they learn.

Harness Your Students Digital Smarts

Author Vickie Davis message throughout this video is that teachers do not have to know how to do everything in order to teach in todays technological world. Allow students to teach, and connect with other students across the world using technology. By doing this she believes students will prosper and will allow a new teaching concept to arise.

Who is ahead of the learning race; elementary, undergraduate, or graduate students? by Dr. Strange

Elementary by far is ahead in the learning race at this point. Speaking from my own classroom experience I just did not have the technology in my early academic career that elementary students in todays world has. Students of today literally have the world at their finger tips, and because of this it has created a new style of learning in the classroom.

Bringing the Locker Room into the Classroom by Craig N Owens

What can I use in my coaching experience to help my students in my classroom? Teachers and coaches should teach and coach in a way that students can completely understand. As a teacher/coach it is important that my students/players have a complete understanding of what I am asking of them both on the field and in the classroom.


  1. I agree with a lot of the things you said Justin. It is the last one question that catches my eye though. I believe a lot of parents, students, and other teacher just think if you are a coach you are not always there to teach or do not teach them well enough. I also believe that it takes a person who wants to coach and be an educator to be able to do both. It needs to be someone who wants them to succeed academically and athletically. It is the teacher that does both normally who understands the students better. I think that you still have to teach at the level the students can understand, but also be very clear and stern with them.

  2. "...and teachers in the 221st century can learn in different was using technology." ways, not was

    Well done.

  3. Hi Justin! This really was a great post. I didn't notice any errors, besides what Dr. Strange pointed out. I do think you meant 21st century though, not 221st. I agree that elementary students are ahead in the learning race. I didn't get my own laptop until college, so they definitely have an advantage. I enjoyed reading your blog and agree with a lot of what you said. Thanks for sharing!