Thursday, August 21, 2014

Practice Blog Post

Outline:About me,Reasons I choose this Field, How can I make a difference.

My name is Justin Thompson. I am a 25 year old lieutenant in the Army National Guard. Before college and the military I grew up in a small town of Plantersville Mississippi. I played every sport offered at Plantersville middle school which was football and basketball, but my real passion was baseball. This passion of baseball is what led me to secondary education. I hope to become a history teacher and coach baseball.

The reason I choose to go into the education field is simple. I like to interact and help people. There is no better way to interact and help than in the the class room setting. I will get a chance to make a difference in children's lives in the classroom, as well as on the field. As an educator of the 21st century it will be my duty to incorporate new technology into my class room.


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