Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Blog Post #7


  • Technology allows everyone to learn quickly
  • Ability to learn new programs quickly
  • Ability to watch how to videos 

  • Was not exposed to technology is school
  • Not knowing what technologies works best for students

Throughout this lesson I have learned how to properly use technology in the classroom which will allow more children to thrive. Listed below are some great links that teachers can use in their classrooms.

  • How to make an audible QR code

Michele Bennett shows in her video ,How to make an audible QR code, the advantages of creating an audible message for her classroom. These codes also allow teachers to get their student's parents involved because it allows communication between the two.

  • How to use technology in the classroom

Ginger Tuck shows how she uses iPads in her classroom to help students learn to read. Her students video records themselves reading a book and plays the video back while following along in order to correct mistakes.

  • How to use  Poplet in the classroom

Poplet is a tool that allows students the ability to create fun projects in a safe environment. Poplet with Michele shows how easy and fun Poplet can be for students.

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