Monday, September 22, 2014

Blog post # 5

Personal Learning Networks

Personal Learning Networks are a set of people and tools that someone can consult with to learn. Wendy Drexler's video, Welcome to my PLE , shows in detail how her 7th grades students utilize personal learning networks. This gives students the freedom to use technology in the classrooms.
Symbaloo Logo

There are many tools can be used to create a Personal Learning Network. One good site that can be used is Symbaloo. This site allows people to create a personalized homepage that can be used to store all the important apps that make up ones Personal Learning Network.
Personal learning network

I will use the resources I mentioned above to create my own Personal Learning Network, and the first person that I will add is Anthony Capps. Anthony is a former student of EDM 310 and a current teacher at Gulf Shores Elementary.

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  1. These are good sources to start you project based learning. I think Symbaloo is an excellent site to work with. It provides personalization and apps for users. These programs will also be great sources while in the classroom.