Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blog Post#13

History Picture

What can you learn from the following videos about teaching History?

Watch the following videos and answer the driving question above.
Teaching Students to Think Like Historians, by Stanford
David McCullough's 5 Lessons Every High School Student Should Learn, by Susan Goding
Powerful Teaching and Learning- High School Social Studies- Heather Fox, by thebercgroup

The video Teaching Students to Think Like Historians urges teachers to break away from the strangle hold of text books. This film suggests that teachers teach history by using primary sources, and secondary sources. Historical sites is a wonderful way for students learn using modern technology.

5 Lessons Every High School Student Should Learn urges teachers not to have their students memorize dates and quotations, but encourages teachers to give their students the opportunity to learn what happened in history and why. This video also encourages teachers to teach their students in other ways than just using text books. Some ways this videos suggest are; group projects, students make their-own documentary video, plays, and papers.

The Video Powerful Teaching and Learning shows a teacher as her class moves from an old lesson to a new lesson. The teacher , Heather Fox, asks her students a driving question before each new topic and allows the students to answer the questions orally to other students beside them. This grabs students attention and allows them to think critically about a historical event before any lesson is given. This is a great way for teachers to check on students existing knowledge and critical thinking skills.


  1. Super! I have added all 3 videos to my addspring15 Delicious list.


  2. Hi, Justin! Great Post! I actually chose to write about the "teaching students to think like historians" by the Stanford program as well and I thought it could be very helpful also. Actually, Dr. Strange mentioned your post in a comment on my post!