Saturday, October 25, 2014

Blog Post# 10

What can we learn from Mrs. Cassidy?
Mrs. Cassidy is a first grade teacher from Canada, and she uses technology in her classroom that allows her students to learn in the 21st century. The resources that she uses is: Twitter, Blogging, Wiki, Skype, and Webpages. She does this because it allows her students to connect with the world as they learn. As a new teacher I will use all the technology listed above in my classroom. All these sources can and will benefit students of today's world, because the old way of teaching is simply outdated. Using technology in classroom has many benefits. One, is that students respond well to using these new methods, because creates a positive learning environment. These new methods allows  student's work to be seen by the world vs., the old way, just the teacher.


  1. Justin,
    Good job summarizing your thoughts on technology in the classroom. I also feel that technology is a great way to incorporate hands on learning for students. Students are also more interested in working with the latest technology to create something they think is "cool." Good post, although you may consider reading over your post before publishing just to catch grammatical errors. For example, "because creates" should be...because it creates. Also, "The resources that she uses is" should be...she uses are. Other than a few little errors, you put good thought into this post! Good Job.

  2. Which of her techniques do you plan on using in your classroom? What impediments might you face, and how would you address them?