Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blog Post # 11

PBL cheat sheet

I encourage teachers whether they're just starting their careers, or have been teaching for a number of years to watch the following videos.
  1. Back to the Future, by Brian Crosby
  2. Blended Learning Cycle, by Paul Anderson
  3. Building Comics, by Sam Pane
  4. Project Based Learning, by Dean Shareski
  5. Roosevelt Elementary' PBL Program
All of the videos above show the benefits of project based learning. Brian Crosby, a teacher of English second language students, describes how he uses Blogs, Flicker, and Skype in his classroom. He states these technologies allow his students to communicate with the world in ways they were unable to do so in the past. It really is inspiring to see how much his students enjoy learning in his classroom. Paul Anderson's video, Blended Learning Cycle, describes the foundation that makes up a well designed  project based learning activity. His instruction gives teachers the ability to create meaningful project based learning activities that will drive students to excel. It is very important that teachers use a strong frame work while building their project based learning activities in their classroom because it allows students to learn more than the old burp back methods of the past. Project based learning empowers students and creates a desire to learn and absorb knowledge.  


  1. Hey Justin,
    I am really enjoying Project Based Learning, and I believe it is great for our students because it brings out their creativity. I really enjoyed Paul Anderson's blog post because he helps us teachers come up with ways to make our classroom fun and creative. Good job on your blog post, just be sure to explain each video a little more!

  2. Good post this week! I agree with Ashlyn though, more details would be good.