Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Blog Post # 9

What can Teachers and Students Teach Us About Project Based Learning?
project based learning
This lesson has taught me the importance of  Project Based Learning for teachers as well as for students, and the motivation it creates in students. Listed below are some imports factors that makes up a well prepared Project Based Learning activity.  

Meaningful projects fulfill two criteria.
  1. Students believe the work is meaningful.
  2. The project has educational purpose.
There are seven essential elements of meaningful projects. 
  1. A Need to Know- Projects should make students feel like they need to know the information that makes up the project.
  2. A Driving Question- Questions should give students a sense of purpose and challenge them. 
  3. Student Voice and Choice- Teachers should give students the opportunity to impressive them. This can be done by allowing students to manage their own project. 
  4. 21st Century Skills- Projects Based Learning allows students to develop skills that they will need in everyday life such as; collaboration, communication, and critical thinking. 
  5. Inquiry and Innovation- Projects should engage students in a way that allows them to come up with their own questions.
  6. Feed back and Revision- Teachers should coach students by using rubrics. This will allow students to know areas they need to work on which will allow them to correct the problem areas.
  7. A Publicly Presented Projects- Teachers should find ways to let the world see the finished product. By doing this projects become more meaningful to students. 


  1. Justin,
    You did a great job with explaining the importance project based learning and how to make the lessons meaningful. Your blog post is also very organized. I like that you also had your sources listed at the end.

  2. Good. A bit brief, though, in my opinion.
    "to impressive"--impress
    "some imports factors"--important

    Don't forget to proof read before you publish!