Thursday, October 9, 2014

Blog Post #8

Randy PauschWhat can we learn about teaching and learning from Randy Pausch?

Anyone that is thinking about becoming a teacher should watch Randy Pausch's lecture. Throughout the lecture Randy talks about many key factors that people should live by in order to accomplish there goals. He states;  "goals have obstacles, but the obstacles are only there to stop people that don't want it bad enough." Remembering this is not only important to teachers, but also in life in general.

Another important lesson this lecture has taught me is teachers should not have low expectations for their students. Randy states that even if you are blown away by student's work you should compliment them and push them even farther. This is a very important lesson for teachers to remember in their classrooms and by doing this it will benefit students greatly. These are just a couple if important issues Randy talks about throughout this lecture. I encourage anyone that has not seen this lecture to watch it.




  1. Hi Justin. I agree that teachers who have not seen this lecture by Randy Pausch should definitely watch it. It was a great video! He made several statements, including the two you mentioned, that were very impacting. Good post!

  2. "hese are just a couple if important issues…" of, not if As you indicate there are more things that paunch says about teaching and learning. You have addressed them instead of dismissing them. That was the point of the assignment!